Praise for Blitz Your Life

If you want to know how to fight life's battles with hope, compassion and wisdom, read this book! Tim knows better than most what it takes to win on and off the field!

Jon Acuff, New York Times best-selling author

From the first time you meet Tim Shaw, you know you’ll never forget him. It may be his strength of character that impresses you, his sincerity or humility; but whatever it is, he is an inspiration to everyone he meets.  He was before and is now—even carrying the extra burden of ALS.  His message of hope and becoming all who God created you to be through whatever you face, which he expresses in this book, will lift you to live the life and have the impact in the world you were created to have.

Mike Mularkey, Head Coach, Tennessee Titans

As a leader, Tim shows us how to attack life head on. His spirit and will are contagious, as is his desire to help others become their best. Tim embodies what a Penn Stater is all about.

James Franklin, Head Coach, Penn State University

For as long as I have known him, Tim has been teaching and leading with his life- perseverance, kindness, grit, humor, heart. I'm so glad he has put many of those lessons down here, to continue to teach us with his words. Tim's book will not only change your perspective on the life you have, but it will challenge you as you plan for the life you want.

Annie F. Downs, best-selling author of Looking For Lovely and Let's All Be Brave

When I first heard Tim had a book coming out, I got excited. Having played alongside him with the Titans, I got a chance to see Tim’s passion, dedication, and will to fight to the end. He's a guy with a belief that he can conquer anything and has the faith to actually do it! What's even more admirable is how he continues to carry these qualities throughout his life, despite his current opponent being much tougher than those he faced on the football field. In Blitz Your Life, Tim says "I hate to admit it, but if anyone had ever been prepared to face a terminal illness such as ALS, it was probably me." Comments like that further prove the type of person and fighter Tim Shaw is and why I'm so proud to call him a friend.

Jason McCourty, Cornerback, Tennessee Titans

On and off the field, Tim Shaw is a leader with a huge heart. After learning he had ALS, Tim chose to fight and has attacked the disease with the same passion he displayed as an NFL linebacker. We can all learn from his story, which he tells beautifully in Blitz Your Life.

Barb Newhouse, National President, The ALS Association

From the moment I first met Tim to this very day, Tim has been a living testimony of walking with unwavering integrity through ANY situation. I am blown away by Tim's commitment to live an honorable life committed to Christ while inspiring so many people in his walk. Tim is a great example, and I am honored to call him a friend.

Derrick Morgan, Linebacker, Tennessee Titans